Noddy Toyland Detective Paint with Water

ISBN: 9781760406011
Published: January 2018
Imprint: The Five Mile Press
Extent: 30
Specs: 210 x 275 mm

Discover the fun colours of Toyland with nothing more than water and a paintbrush. Amazing!

Noddy is Toyland’s new detective. If there’s something lost, missing or unusual happening in Toyland, Noddy and his friends, Bumpy Dog and Revs the car are the investigating dream team who find out what’s going on and how to make things right. 

Create fantastic pictures with only a paintbrush and a small bowl of water. Includes perforated pages so children can choose the page they want to paint and gently tear it out to stop water leaking through the pages. Gently brush water over the illustration one section at a time and watch as the colours spread like magic to fill in the picture!