Better from Scratch

ISBN: 9781616287313
Published: September 2017
Imprint: The Five Mile Press
Extent: 160
Specs: 210 x 235 mm

Delicious DIY foods you can make at home. From granola and beef jerky to graham crackers and kimchi, this inspired collection features more than 60 easy-to-follow recipes for making many of your favourite foods from scratch.

Whether you opt to ferment your own sauerkraut, cure your own bacon, or box your own pancake mix, Better from Scratch contains all you need to know to make these kitchen staples as well as special treats that taste better – and are better for you – than their store-bought counterparts. You’ll find familiar favourites, exciting new concoctions and dozens of ideas for satisfying everyday cravings, both sweet and savoury.

Once you make your own crackers and potato chips, energy bars and granola, nut mils and nut butters, pickles and salsa, ketchups and mustards, caramels and marshmallows, and more, you’ll think twice about what to put into your grocery cart every time you shop.

Armed with this go-to guide, you’ll be ready both to stock your pantry with homemade flavours and to turn out unique gifts for friends and family.