Author: Wendy Lewis
ISBN: 9781760401238
Published: August 2016
Imprint: Echo Publishing
Extent: 288pp text + 8pp pic section + cover
Specs: 153 x 234 mm



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Jailbreak chronicles the pick of Australian prison escapes with the most notorious prisons and most desperate escapees. Ranging from sheer brutality to love-conquers-all, every one of these stories is riveting and real.

Featuring Russell Cox, the only man to escape from ‘escape-proof’ Katingal then try to break back in; hapless serial escapees Arthur ‘Slim’ Halliday and Darcy Dugan; Mulawa’s Julie Cashman and her two doomed lovers; the unstoppable Raymond Denning; Helicopter Man John Killick; tragic Pentridge escapee Ronald Ryan and many more.

Escaping from prison is a huge risk to take. The men and women in these stories all decided it was worth the risk.

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