Men on the Menu

Author: Bambi Smyth
ISBN: 9781760063849
Published: October 2014
Imprint: The Five Mile Press
Extent: 336pp
Specs: 234 x 153 mm



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Bambi Smyth didn’t want to face the rest of her life being stuck in suburbia as a single, childless, and bored has-been. So she sets off on a journey across the globe to combine her three greatest passions – food, travel and men, hoping to widen her horizons – and maybe her heart – along the way.

And what she finds during dates with seventy-five men as diverse as an Italian prince, a Spanish gigolo, a Japanese sumo-wrestler, and a priest at the Vatican, changes her perception of men – and herself - forever.

Bambi Smyth was born in Scotland, but has lived in Melbourne all of her adult life. She worked as an illustrator and children's book author for most of her career, before turning her hand to writing for adults. Men on the Menu is her debut travel memoir