Noose - True Stories of Australians Who Died at the Gallows

ISBN: 9781743466971
Published: June 2014
Imprint: The Five Mile Press
Extent: 288pp
Specs: 148 x 234 mm



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Over two centuries, 1700 men and women were sent to the gallows in Australia. Noose vividly portrays eleven of these cases, including the very first  – in 1788 of Thomas Barrett, a First Fleeter and talented engraver, hanged for stealing food. And the very last, the hanging of Ronald Ryan, at Melbourne’s Pentridge Prison in 1967, in the controversial case that divided the nation. Among others, Noose explores the Myall Creek Massacre, in which seven stockmen were hanged for the slaughter of 28 Aboriginal people, Elizabeth Woolcock, charged with poisoning her husband, and the possibly schizophrenic Clifford Hulme, a case which, combined with Angus Murray’s hanging in 1924, presaged the beginning of the end for capital punishment in Australia.

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