Tiggy and the Magic Paintbrush: A Pet Called Nibbles

ISBN: 9781760680411
Published: March 2018
Imprint: Five Mile
Extent: 32
Specs: 150 x 200 mm

Tiggy has a big imagination and she can sometimes have big feelings too. But everything is A-Okay, because Tiggy has a very special secret

Tiggy is spirited and full of imagination, though she can sometimes be just a little bit shy, and a little bit worried about things that are out of her control. But everything is A-Okay, because Tiggy has a special secret – a magic paintbrush that can bring to life anything her imagination dreams up!

A Pet Called Nibbles

Today is Pet Day at Tiggy’s school and Tiggy is a little worried – she is the only person in the class who doesn’t have a pet! Lucky Tiggy has her special magic paintbrush – but will it help her solve the problem this time?

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