When I'm Feeling Collection

Slipcase + 8 books
ISBN: 9781760065287
Published: October 2014
Imprint: The Five Mile Press
Specs: 218 x 213 mm


Popular author/illustrator, Trace Moroney, has been sharing her message about Feelings for 10 YEARS now. To mark this occasion The Five Mile Press is releasing the Trace Moroney Feelings 10 Year Anniversary Edition slipcase.

The slipcase contains 8 books, including When I’m Feeling Kind, When I’m Feeling Jealous, When I’m Feeling Lonely, When I’m Feeling Angry, When I’m Feeling Sad, When I’m Feeling Loved, When I’m Feeling Happy and When I’m Feeling Scared.

About the author

Trace Moroney is an internationally acclaimed children's author and illustrator. More than 5,200,000 million copies of her Feelings series books have been sold in 29 countries and they are translated into 22 languages. Focussed on creating “books with a conscience,” Trace Moroney embraces the principles of positive psychology – in other words, focussing on what is good in the world!

The Feelings Series has been phenomenally successful with more than 5 million copies sold worldwide across 22 different languages

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