Noah & Blue’s Zooniverse: The Octokey

ISBN: 9781760682248
Published: June 2018
Imprint: Five Mile
Extent: 80
Specs: 126 x 198 mm

Think Jumanji meets Tom Gates. Nova Weetman’s WILDLY THRILLING new junior fiction series, Noah and Blue’s Zooniverse is an early reader series for boys about the limitless world of the imagination…

Noah Wriggle and his best friend Blue like to design and then make weird and wonderful animal mash-up creations. Only, these incredible creatures also come to life and things get a little tricky for the boys as the mashimals wreak havoc across the course of the story!

With fun facts about the animals that have been mashed up, these stories are perfectly pitched for early readers who are still in the world of limitless imagination and also learning and loving animal facts.

The Octokey

“I’m not sure that an octopus and a monkey make a good combination,” says Blue.

But Noah has his inventing outfit on, and can’t resist the idea of creating something so smart, cheeky and tentacle-y! What happens when the Octokey scurries away during The Test at school and pays a visit to the toilet block?

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