Be Cool Be Nice

ISBN: 9781787410961
Published: January 2018
Imprint: Studio Press
Extent: 144
Specs: 140 x 205 mm

Be Cool Be Nice is a journal and interactive manual that aims to conquer cyber bullying one nincompoop at a time, by spreading love and positivity.

Kindness is always in style! Be Cool Be Nice is a book with a message and a desire to stem the tide of anti-social behaviour 'one nincompoop at a time'. It may well be the most important book that you buy this year. We can guarantee that it will be the most covetable.

Prompted by the stark realisation that one in five young people will be a victim of cyber bullying, Be Cool Be Nice (BCBN) seeks to encourage us to use social media in a positive and proactive way and to advocate good manners on and offline so we 'check it before we wreck it'.

Whatever your age, sexual orientation, race or ethnicity, Be Cool Be Nice will inspire, empower, connect and engage you with visually captivating 'reminders to be kinder'. Part journal, part interactive manual, part Jedi mind trick and part friend, Be Cool Be Nice (BCBN) is as beneficial as it is beautiful.