Octonauts Book and Colour by Number Canvas

Canvas and Book
ISBN: 9781760407803
Published: October 2017
Imprint: Five Mile
Extent: 24pp + cover (self ends) + canvas + large brush and paint pallete
Specs: 220 x 270 mm

The Octonauts are a team of 8 underwater explorers, led by Captain Barnacles, fearless pirate Kwazii and caring medic Peso. From their base in the Octopod, their mission is to explore new worlds, rescue sea creatures and protect the ocean. The series is made with the help of marine biologists, making it educational for kids.

Octonauts Book and Paint-By-Numbers Canvas

Follow the number key to paint the perfect picture of the most popular Octonauts characters, then read an exciting underwater adventure. It seems there is a thief aboard the the Octopod in Octonauts and the Decorator Crab. When the team investigate they find another interesting sea creature in need of their help.