Senior Moments: Uncensored

Hard back
ISBN: 9781787411388
Published: December 2017
Imprint: Studio Press
Extent: 56
Specs: 120 x 170 mm

An indecently funny cartoon collection by Tim Whyatt, creator of the award-winning 'Traces of Nuts' greetings card range, featuring everything from the naughty bits, to the downright rude!

Tim Whyatt is an Australian cartoonist best known for his humorous range of greetings cards "Traces of Nuts". Tim has won numerous awards in Australia and the UK and his work has twice been voted the UK's Best Humour Range at the industry's most prestigious greetings card awards (the Henries) in 2011 and 2012.

In Tim's words..."I have no idea how many of my cards have sold but it's in the many millions. I know this because at least three of my cards have individually passed the million sales mark... What tickles me? Cats, dogs, John Cleese, my grandparents, marriage, religion, sex, Charles Addams, pop culture, science, Gavin & Stacey, Marion & Geoff, my two children, parenthood, relationships, language, Billy Connolly, doctors, the Peep Show, human psychology, underpants, senior citizens, my wife, Gary Larson, the human body..."