Madeleine McCann: Ten Years On

ISBN: 9781786062727
Published: September 2017
Extent: 288
Specs: 129 x 198 mm

Ten years ago, a three year old girl disappeared from her holiday villa. Millions of pounds and many police enquiries later, is anyone closer to learning the truth about what happened to Madeline McCann?

Over the months following her disappearance, there were multiple theories speculating as to what had happened to Madeleine. Initially it was presumed she had been snatched from her bed where she was sleeping beside her two younger siblings. Yet after blood and hair samples were tested, the finger of blame was soon pointed towards the McCanns themselves.

Since they have been cleared, Madeleine’s story has consistently re-appeared in the national and international news and still arouses interest ten years on. The disappearance of this little girl has become one of the most reported missing-person investigations round the world. 

In this book, Spanish-based investigative journalist Danny Collins, takes a look back and examines the various leads and suspects which appeared throughout the case. Both gripping and informative, Collins’ writing offers a detailed analysis of the case which has baffled the police for the last decade.