We believe books can enrich and transform lives. That experience should be universal, but it’s not. 
We strive to deliver this – to make the book that can awaken a lifelong love of reading for a child.

Driving force

Everything we do is underpinned by a book’s relevance, accessibility and affordability. By working with the world’s best in brands and creators, we blend wonderful artwork, clever words and a playful format into every book we make. 


Founded in 1991, Five Mile has been a bedrock of relevant, accessible and affordable content for children and their families in the Australian book industry.

Sold by the founder in 2006, the business operated under Bonnier Publishing for over 10 years.

In June 2018 Regency Media acquired Five Mile which operates as the publishing division alongside Regency Media’s media manufacturing, distribution and licensing divisions.




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*Please note that we will not reply to any enquiries about books that are not featured on this website and that were published before 2018. The rights to those books were bought by other publishers, or reverted to authors and we cannot assist with requests or enquiries for those.

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