Who we are

Storytellers. Bookworm growers. Memory makers. Celebrators of childhood. Purveyors of parenthood... Funsters.

We believe in the life-changing power of books. We know not everyone has access to this and we try to change that.

We believe that the stories in childhood are the stories that shape our dreams, ideas and views of the world. We see what we do as an incredible privilege and responsibility.

our values

Honesty. Empathy. Determination.
Practically this means we tell the truth, not the sanitised or filtered version.
It means we are empathetic of those in our world and show kindness and support of people that are important to us, and by extension, themes that are important to
a peaceful and harmonious world.
It means we show determination in all we do and encourage the same in others. Taking on big challenges and seeing things through.
These are the values any parent would try to instil in their children.
We want to be the brand that kids love and parents trust.
We make stories for life – their lives.


Founded in 1991, Five Mile has been a bedrock of relevant, accessible and affordable content for children and their families in the Australian book industry.

Sold by the founder in 2006, the business operated under Bonnier Publishing for over 10 years.

In June 2018 Regency Media acquired Five Mile which operates as the publishing division alongside Regency Media’s media manufacturing, distribution and licensing divisions.




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