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Your body can do AMAZING things…

Trace Moroney

Best-selling picture book ranges


A Lift-the-fact book series

A junior non-fiction series with a fresh look at topics through a fun, interactive and immersive lift-the-flap approach.

Sally Rippin Presents

Colourful stories for every kid


Five Mile works with the best brands in the world to transform popular toys and entertainment programs into engaging books for kids. 


ABC Kids




My Little Pony

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The Wiggles


thomas & friends




barbie 60th anniversary


the wiggles emma!




polly pocket


Who we are

Storytellers. Bookworm growers. Memory makers. Celebrators of childhood. Purveyors of parenthood... Funsters.

We believe in the life-changing power of books. We know not everyone has access to this and we try to change that.

We believe that the stories in childhood are the stories that shape our dreams, ideas and views of the world. We see what we do as an incredible privilege and responsibility.

our values

Honesty. Empathy. Determination.
Practically this means we tell the truth, not the sanitised or filtered version.
It means we are empathetic of those in our world and show kindness and support of people that are important to us, and by extension, themes that are important to
a peaceful and harmonious world.
It means we show determination in all we do and encourage the same in others. Taking on big challenges and seeing things through.
These are the values any parent would try to instil in their children.
We want to be the brand that kids love and parents trust.
We make stories for life – their lives.


Founded in 1991, Five Mile has been a bedrock of relevant, accessible and affordable content for children and their families in the Australian book industry.

Sold by the founder in 2006, the business operated under Bonnier Publishing for over 10 years.

In June 2018 Regency Media acquired Five Mile which operates as the publishing division alongside Regency Media’s media manufacturing, distribution and licensing divisions.




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Trace Moroney

Trace Moroney is an internationally acclaimed author, illustrator and designer. More than 10 million copies of her books have been sold worldwide and have been translated into over 22 languages in twenty-nine countries.

Her bestselling The Feelings Series and the phenomenally successful The Things I Love Series have been met with extraordinary enthusiasm.

Trace is extremely passionate about creating beautiful children’s picture books with meaningful content – helping to build emotional and social intelligence and show examples of creating positive thought about everyday situations and emotions our children experience. She hopes to motivate her readers to focus on what is good in the world, and the things they love!

Author website

The Feelings Series

 The Feelings Series is especially designed to help children better understand their feelings and how to identify, manage and express those feelings in an appropriate and acceptable way – both to themselves and others. These books provide an invaluable tool to help build confidence, self-esteem and contribute to a healthy emotional foundation upon which children can thrive. Each book features questions to the reader, which encourages both introspection and discussion about the emotion described. Helpful notes for parents and/or caregivers written by a child psychologist are included in each book.


When I'm Feeling Happy

Feeling happy can make you feel bouncy and full of joy! How can you help your child feel happy?


When I'm Feeling Angry

Feeling angry can make you feel like you're going to explode! What do you do when your child feels angry?


When I'm Feeling JEALOUS

Feeling jealous can make you feel like you are not as important as others... but you are! What do you do when your child feels jealous?


When I'm Feeling Sad

Feeling sad can make you feel like you could just cry and hide under the bed covers. What do you do when your child feels sad?


When I'm Feeling Nervous

Feeling nervous is uncomfortable, but it can mean that you're about to do something really, really brave! What do you do when your child feels nervous?


When I'm Feeling Lonely

Feeling lonely can make you feel like there is no one else like you. What do you do when your child feels lonely?


When I'm Feeling Kind

Feeling kind helps you do nice things for other people and yourself. How can you help your child to be kind?


When I'm Feeling Scared

Feeling scared can make you feel like you want to run and hide in a safe place. What do you do when your child feels scared?


When I'm Feeling Disappointed

Feeling disappointed is your brain realising how things really are... NOT how you wished they were. What do you do when your child feels disappointed?


When I'm Feeling Love

Feeling love can make you feel like you belong and are accepted for everything that you are... even the naughty bits! How can you help your child feel loved and be loving?

The Things I Love Series

The Things I Love Series has been created in response to research into positive psychology which finds that people with positive attitudes are more creative, tolerant, generous, constructive, successful and open to new ideas and new experiences than those with a negative attitude. Positive thinkers are happier, healthier, live longer, experience more satisfying relationships, and have a greater capacity for love and joy - precisely how we want our children to feel. The series celebrates the everyday situations that form the basis of a child's experiences.


The Things I Love About Me

There are so many things to love avout being you. From your fingers and your toes and your smile to your dreams for the future.


The Things I Love About Bedtime

There are so many things to love about bedtime. Reading, talking, dreaming...


Junior Board Book Editions


The Things I Love About Bedtime (Junior Board Book)

Coming soon


The Things I Love About Birthdays

Your birthday is a special and exciting day to celebrate being you! This beautiful book explores the wonderful things to love about birthdays through simple examples and sweet artwork.


The Things I Love About Friends

There are so many things to love about friends. Sharing ideas, interests, feelings and fun times - and learning how to be a good friend.


The Things I Love About School

There are so many things to love about school. Bonding with classmates and teachers and learning so many new things.


The Things I Love About Me (Junior Board Book)


The Things I Love About Christmas


The Things I Love About Family

There are so many things to love about family. Feeling loved, nurtured, accepted and safe...


The Things I Love About Playtime

There are so many things to love about playtime. Making friends, having fun, laughing...


The Things I Love About Friends (Junior Board Book)


The Things I Love About Grandparents

There are so many things to love about grandparents. Gentle, loving guidance and support...


The Things I Love About Pets

There are so many things to love about pets. A special companion to play with, love and nurture.


The Things I Love About Pets (Junior Board Book)


sally rippin presents

Sally Rippin is one of Australia's best-selling and well-respected children's authors. Grown-ups and kids all know and trust the name 'Sally Rippin'. 

Sally has always been a strong advocate for new and emerging authors and illustrators and has quietly, behind the scenes, mentored lots of writers and artists into, and through, their publications. Sally has also dedicated much of her career as an author to creating books that are accessible (both in terms of language, design and affordability) so that as many children as possible can begin on their reading journey.

The Sally Rippin Presents list combines Sally's dedication to both new authors and illustrators and accessible books for children.

Super Moopers

In Moopertown, everyone is special - in their own special way! With humorous, sweet, character-driven stories and a richly-detailed world that children will engage with, this exciting new series celebrates the idea that our differences are what make us unique, and we are all capable of being superheores when we can see the best in ourselves. Co-written with Fiona Harrisone of Australia’s top female performers and writers, having written and performed on television shows, Skithouse, Comedy Inc, Prank Patrol and The Drop Off. She is the author of two books in the Forever Clover series, and has written numerous shows for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival over the past fifteen years. Illustrated by Scott Edgar, who studied Graphic Design and Theatre Production before embarking on a career as a composer, writer, comedian and actor, primarily in the comedy band Tripod. Tripod have been regulars on the international live comedy circuit, regulars on radio and television, and have written musicals for the screen and stage. Super Moopers is Scott’s book series.

Musical Markus FRONT COVER.jpg

musical markus

Markus loves to sing. He can make up a song about just about anything. But not everyone in enjoys Markus's constant singing. In fact, some Moopers find his songs really annoying! Poor Markus. Could there be anyone in Moopertown who enjoys his music?

Giggling Gertie FRONT COVER.jpg

giggling gertie

Gertie just can't stop giggling. She laughs at everything - the problem is, not everything is funny! Today is a very important day in Moopertown, but Gertie doesn't seem to be taking it seriously. Poor Gertie. Can she do the right thing for Moopertown's famous visitor?

Nervous Nellie FRONT COVER.jpg

nervous nellie

Nellie loves lots of things about Moopertown. But some things make her feel a bit nervous. Pointy hats for instance, and sticky marshmallows. In fact, almost everything makes Nellie feel a little worried. Poor Nellie. Does her nervous nature belong in a place like Moopertown?

Adventurous Abbie FRONT COVER.jpg

adventurous abbie

Abbie just ADORES adventure! She loves spending her days discovering Moopertown and beyond, just like her explorer heroes. But not every day can be filled with adventure - and not everyone appreciates Abbie's quests! Poor Abbie. Can an adventurous Mooper find a little excitement, without annoying her friends?

Dramatic Dom FRONT COVER.jpg

dramatic dom

Dom is very dramatic! He always loves to be the centre of attention. As he rehearses for his first ever play he is so excited to show the whole of Moopertown his skills! But some Moopers find Dom's over-the-top ways a bit annoying. Poor Dom. Will his performance be ruined by his off-stage dramatics?

Quiet Quinn FRONT COVER.jpg

quiet quinn

Quinn just wants a little peace. It's not that he doesn't love busy Moopertown. It's just that he prefers his quiet life, and his work at Moopertown Museum. But Quinn is so quiet that he's sometimes overlooked by the other Moopers. And sometimes they forget he's even there! Poor Quinn. How does a quiet Mooper fit in a rowdy place like Moopertown?

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